The Timeless Appeal of White and Gray Tiles

Are you thinking about retiling your bathroom or kitchen?  And are you at a loss as to which color tile to choose? As a tile choice can often make or break a room, the dilemma is understandable.

What is on trend? One trend and color palette we have spotted repeatedly recently does seem pervasive: the colors white and gray.

These two colors might not surprise you or may seem a little bland, however, they offer wonderful advantages.  They both have timeless appeal and neutrality.  You can see this palate on kitchen countertops and backsplashes and in bathrooms as well.

The following are some suggestions on how to make a good selection for renovating these rooms.

Go in person to see slabs of material when it comes to backsplashes and countertops.  Many times you can visit a stone yard so you can make your own selection.

Be very aware of the background color and shades.  Not all whites and grays blend together.  When you place tiles next to each other make sure they match or blend.

You should consider using tiles for a large wall space – the tiles will make for an interesting focal point.

Consider mixing patterns – one pattern on the floor and another on the wall.

If you are thinking about using mosaic and glass tile be you’ll probably want use a professional installer.

Grout color is very important and a good amount of time overlooked by the consumer – you want a color that is custom to work with your tiles.

Rectangular tiles are very popular and have a more modern feeling than square tiles.

Use tile to introduce both texture and color into a space.

You should consider mixing tiles that are dissimilar, however, the same color palette which can add interest and depth.

If you feel your eye is not up to the task, an interior design consultation costs less than you might think. If you need a recommendation for an interior designer or installer, reach out to me, Jeff, your Realtor for life; I have a Rolodex of trusted sources (OK, it’s not an actual Rolodex these days, it’s more like a list on my computer)!

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