Broadway Bound by Neil Simon at the Little Theatre from April 21 through May 7

Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, and Broadway Bound are all parts of Neil Simon’s acclaimed autobiographical trilogy. Broadway Bound is the show that finds Eugene and his older brother Stanley trying to break into the world of show business as professional comedy writers.  This is occurring while they are coping with their parents’ break-up and eventual divorce. When their material is broadcast on the radio for the first time, their family is upset to hear a thinly-veiled portrait of themselves played for laughs.

Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical play, Broadway Bound, opened on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theater on December 4, 1986. The two-act dramatic comedy centers on two brothers, good-humored lovable Eugene, and business-like Stanley, as they struggle to break into comedy writing. The character Eugene is Simon’s alter ego and appears in each of the three plays.

A prolific and successful American playwright and screenwriter, Simon has received many prestigious awards, including three Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, a Golden Globe, and the Kennedy Center Honors. Newsday calls Broadway Bound “A lovely play; warm, perceptive, and gently humorous.” In 1987, Broadway Bound was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama and nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play as well as a Drama Desk Award for Best Play.

Live performances: At the Little Theatre

Friday, April 21, 28 & May 5 @ 8pm

Saturday, April 29 @ 2pm

Saturday, April 22, 29 & May 6 @ 8pm and

Sunday, April 23, 30 & May 7 @ 2pm

All Seats $30.

Get your tickets at

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Wind in the Willows at the Las Vegas Little Theatre

The play Wind in the Willows was originally a novel by Kenneth Grahame and then adapted for the theater as a play by Caroline and James Moran.

The famous English gentleman, Mr. Toad of Toad Hall, sees his first motor car and promptly falls uncontrollably in love with motoring, so he buys a car which he then crashes. Another car is purchased, followed by another crash, and another—and another! For once at the throttle, Toad in his goggles and duster is a man possessed.

Eventually, he is instructed to stay off the road so he steals a car. He is caught and gets sent to jail for 20 years. While there, he learns that Weasels have taken over his old family home and all his friends have been thrown out. But the jailor’s daughter adores Toad for his charm and dash and she helps him escape. In an exciting climax, Toad, Ratty, Badger, and Mole retake Toad Hall by storm.

This fresh adaptation from Cambridge University features dress-up clothes; mischievous weasels; an epic baguette duel; the majesty of the British countryside reduced to stuffed animal road-kill; a jet pack, a chase scene puppet show, and undoubtedly the most glorious picnic ever staged.

So “hop” on board for the greatest story ever “toad”.

Play ” Wind In The Willow” pr May 13, 2003 Photography by Mark A. Philbrick

General Admission tickets $20 Adults, $10 Students under 18.

The Las Vegas Little Theatre is located at 3920 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103, and this production is on their “Black Box” stage presented by Alchemy Arts Academy

Call (702) 362-7996 or visit for tickets

Live performances:

Friday, March 24 & 31 @ 8pm

Saturday, March 25 & April 1 @ 2pm

Saturday, March 25 & April 1 @ 8pm

Sunday, March 26 & April 2 @ 2pm

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Things You Should Know to Get Ready for Tax Day (cue “The Tax Man” by the Beatles)

First of all, you have to figure out what is important to you and the IRS as you prepare your tax forms.  Each situation is different and can make a huge difference in the amount you pay in taxes and the paperwork you have to file. The IRS is helping you get off to a good start this year by listing some of the issues the Agency believes are important to a wide range of filers.

Reporting rules changed for Form 1099-K

Taxpayers should receive Form 1099-K, Payment Card, and Third-Party Network Transactions, by the end of January, if they received third-party payments in the tax year 2022 for goods and services that have exceeded $600. The taxability remains the same for 2022. All income, including from part-time work, side jobs, or the sale of goods is still taxable. Taxpayers are supposed to report all income on their tax return unless it’s excluded by law. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 lowered the reporting threshold for third-party networks that process payments for those doing business.

Now a single transaction exceeding $600 can require the third-party platform to issue a 1099-K. Money received through third-party payment networks from friends and relatives as personal gifts or reimbursements for personal expenses is not taxable.

Some tax credits return to 2019 levels

This means that affected taxpayers will likely receive a significantly smaller refund compared with the previous tax year. Changes include amounts for the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Child and Dependent Care Credit.

  • Those who got $3,600 per dependent in 2021 for the CTC will if eligible, get $2,000 for the 2022 tax year.
  • For the EITC, eligible taxpayers with no children who received roughly $1,500 in 2021 will now get $500 in 2022.
  • The Child and Dependent Care Credit returns to a maximum of $2,100 in 2022 instead of $8,000 in 2021.

No above-the-line charitable deductions

During COVID, taxpayers were allowed to take up to a $600 charitable donation tax deduction on their tax returns. However, in 2022, those who take a standard deduction may not take an above-the-line deduction for charitable donations.

Increased eligibility for the premium tax credit

For the year 2022, taxpayers may still qualify for temporarily expanded eligibility for the premium tax credit. This is explained by the IRS – The premium tax credit – also known as PTC – is a refundable credit that helps eligible individuals and families cover the premiums for their health insurance purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace. To get this credit, you must meet certain requirements and file a tax return with Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit.

These are just a few of the changes. The best advice I can give you is to work with your tax professional to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the provisions applicable to you. If you’d like me to refer you to someone, please let me know.

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The Las Vegas to Los Angeles Rail System Seems to Finally be on Track

Brightline West has entered into agreements with several rail unions to build, operate  and maintain the high-speed rail line from Las Vegas to a few different points in California

The estimated $8 billion project would connect Las Vegas to Los Angeles via a route alongside Interstate 15. There are planned stations in Las Vegas and in California in Victorville, Hesperia, and Rancho Cucamonga, where a connection with the Metrolink would carry passengers to and from downtown Los Angeles.

The Federal Railroad Administration recently released an environmental assessment report for the Cajon Pass portion of the project, a 49-mile extension of the track would run between the Victor Valley and Rancho Cucamonga.  The assessment report noted the FRA determined that the Brightline project wouldn’t result in a significant impact to the environment or have a negative impact on low-income or minority populations. It also said that building the project was the FRA’s preferred option.

When the Brightline portion of service opens the Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga portion to service 5.6 million one-way rides annually, or 14 percent of the projected 49.1 million annual travelers between the two areas. That total jumps to 6 million passengers when adding the 380,000 projected person ridership between Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga.

By 2030, ridership is expected to increase to 7.6 million for Southern Nevada to Southern California line, with an 8.1 million total when adding the commuter passengers between Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga.

In 2035, Brightline forecasts ridership between Las Vegas and Rancho Cucamonga to grow to 10.6 million. Total ridership, including the high desert commuters, would jump to 11.3 million.

By 2044, the last year of ridership projections provided in the report, the Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga line is projected to carry 11.5 million passengers and 12.3 million total with California commuters included.

When completed the rail line between Las Vegas and Los Angeles will be 260 miles long with the trip between the two cities — on zero-emission electric trains — expected to take about three hours.

A 65,000-square-foot terminal in Las Vegas is expected to be constructed on a portion of 110 acres of land owned by Fortress Investment Group, which owns Brightline through an affiliate.  This station will be located on Las Vegas Boulevard between Warm Springs and Blue Diamond.

There will be a mix of Federal grants and private activity bonds for funding that Brightline would apply for in both Nevada and California, though the amount requested in each state could be less than was previously awarded.

Brightline previously was approved for $200 million in private-activity bonds in Nevada and $600 million in California. Internal Revenue Service guidelines would allow Brightline to market those tax-exempt bonds for up to four times their amount, or a combined total of $3.2 billion.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law last year could infuse increased funding for rail projects, such as high-speed rail. Details on what that could entail for projects such as Brightline’s is expected to be released by the end of the year. But that could lead to billions of dollars in federal grant funding for the Brightline West project.

The environmental assessment also notes the project would not only reduce passenger vehicles on the stretch of I-15, which would help ease freight strains and it would also decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

There has been talk about this train for years, and now it seems that it might really happen.

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Here is a Smokin’ Topic we Would Like to Fire up Awareness About…

The good news is according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, approximately 96% of all homes in the U.S. have smoke alarms installed. However, the bad news is almost 1 out of 5 (20%) of installed smoke alarms are non-operational, often just because of a dead battery. It has always amazed me as a real estate agent how often I find them with no batteries in them. If every house had a working fire alarm it is estimated that residential fire deaths in the U.S. could drop by approximately 36%.

There are two different types of smoke alarms commonly found in the United States: So, let’s get familiar with both of them.

Ionization smoke alarms contain a radioisotope. This radioisotope is typically Americium-241 and it is contained in an ionization chamber that acts as a shield to the alpha radiation it emits. The assembly ionizes the air, and if a potential difference due to smoke is detected, an audible alarm is sounded. For those of you freaked out by the thought of radioactive material in your home, don’t worry. The radiological risk is negligible as long as the radioisotope is untouched in the ionization chamber. We are subjected to more significant amounts of natural background radiation day-to-day than a normally operating ionic smoke alarm produces. Research has indicated that ionizing smoke alarms are more sensitive to heat and react quicker to rapidly growing fires that are in the “flame” stage. 

Photoelectric smoke alarms do not contain a radioisotope. Instead, they work by using sources of light such as infrared, visible, or ultraviolet to monitor the surrounding air. If the intensity of the light being transmitted falls below a certain threshold as a result from scattering particulates, potentially caused by smoke, an audible alarm is then triggered by the circuitry to alert occupants of potential danger. According to research, optical (photoelectric) alarms are more sensitive to smoke, common with fires in the “early” or smoldering state.

TheNational Fire Protection Association (NFPA) “is a global self-funded nonprofit organization, established in 1896. NFPA is devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards”. They advise the installation of “combination alarms”, which use both the ionization and photoelectric smoke sensing methods for the best protection. Certain combination alarms may also include Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection ability.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms are designed to detect dangerous, and potentially fatal levels of CO in the home. Carbon monoxide is not naturally occurring and is produced by incomplete burning of carbon fuel sources including but not limited to natural gas, propane, and gasoline. Surprisingly, the State of Nevada has only required the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in all newly constructed homes since 2017. Another fun fact is that Nevada does not require the installation or retrofitting of CO alarms in homes built prior to 2017.  We, however, highly encourage the installation of CO alarms in all homes, and in accordance with NFPA recommendations, even in homes that are all electric and have no carbon fuel utility.

The following are some questions with answers you should really keep in mind to make sure your family is safe.

Q:  How often do smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms need to be replaced?

A: Smoke alarms should be replaced at least every 10 years. CO alarms and combination alarms should be replaced at least every 7 years. Certain smoke alarms now come factory equipped with a 10-year lithium-ion backup battery that doesn’t require replacement. Any replaceable battery (i.e. 9 volt) should be changed every 6 months. An easy way to remember this task is by doing it when the bi-annual time change occurs. Spring forward, Fall back! And if you take a marker and write the date the unit was installed inside that battery cover, every time you change your batteries you will see if it is time to replace the whole thing!

Q:  My house has hardwired smoke alarms. Can I replace them with battery-operated ones?

A:  If your home was originally equipped with wired smoke alarms, they really should be replaced with the same type, in the absolute interest of safety. It is recommended to have interconnection between all alarms in the home via wired connection or wireless technology such as Bluetooth. This way, when one sounds, they all sound.

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An “Oldie but Goodie”; Guys and Dolls is Coming to Town This Month

Set in the vibrant world of New York City in 1950, which is also when it was written, this timeless tale of love, luck, and friendship will have you tapping your toes and singing along. Don’t miss this chance to see this beloved show in an intimate setting that brings you closer to the action.

Guys and Dolls is the story of Nathan Detroit – a guy who needs a venue for his “permanently established floating craps game.” Nathan’s best venue has just fallen through and he needs a chunk of change to underwrite an alternative option. Also, the lovable rascal Nathan Detroit has been engaged for 14 years to Miss Adelaide, a headliner at the Hot Box Club.

The play also has the overlapping story of high-roller Sky Masterson, who falls in love with mission worker Sarah Brown.

This award-winning play was written by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows, with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser.  It won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1950, and is still a favorite of theatre-goers today.

I encourage you to experience the sizzling energy and unforgettable songs of this classic musical in an intimate production that brings you up close and personal with the talented cast.

To purchase tickets CLICK HERE

The Vegas Theatre Company at Art Square is on the corner of 1st Street and Boulder Way, next to Artifice.  The show starts on February 9 and runs thru February 26.

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A Great Way to Choose a Color You Can Live With in Your Home

Some people like bold or bright colors in their homes and some do not which is okay as well. When it comes to deciding what to paint a room or the exterior, how do you choose a color that is something you know you will like for a while? Here are a few tips for selecting a color you can live with:

Use sample cans

It’s quite difficult to choose the correct color for let’s say your living space or bedroom with hundreds of shades of every color to choose from. Some people boldly go and get the paint without trying it on a wall in the space and that is perfectly fine.  On the other hand, there are people that want to make sure they like the color on more than a paint swatch before getting started. It is great to purchase a couple of sample cans and paint a section of your wall to compare the colors under the lighting conditions in the space.

Trust your instincts

The best way to figure out what is best for you when it comes to color is to trust your gut. If you believe a deep wine color will make you feel happy in your space, go for it. On the other hand, if you would be much more comfortable with shades of gray or white, don’t force yourself to live with color just because you think you should.

Embrace an inspirational piece

One way to choose a color for your space is to look at your favorite art or furniture pieces. What colors stand out? You always can pick one of those colors or a complementary shade to choose paint for the room. It’s a great way to incorporate your favorite accessories into the complete design.

Follow community guidelines

Don’t try to oppose the system when painting the outside of your home. If you don’t have a homeowner’s association, go to town with your bold color choices. However, if there are covenants in place, it’s best to review the requirements and stick to them to avoid fines or long-term problems.

Are you ready to paint your home?  Go for it!  If should need a referral for a house painter or interior designer (to help you choose colors) – remember you can always call me JEFF HOWARD, your Realtor for life.  I have resources for all your needs when it comes to fixing up your home.

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How To Clean and Organize Your Garage

There is more than one use for a garage.  Most people use their garages for parking cars. Some use them for storage; however, it is time to clean and organize your garage when you cannot find what you need in stacks of boxes or all the old furniture stacked on top of each other. Now is the time to start over, cleaning and organizing your garage will be a big project, but when finished, entirely worth it.

Here are some tips to get started.

If it is on the ground move it

Before you can clean and organize you must get everything out of the space. Move everything off the floor into a staging area – the best place is your driveway.  To know what type of space you are working with is to know exactly what space you have, and the only way to know that is empty the garage.

Thoroughly clean

Next, totally clean the space. That means sweeping and mopping the floor, using a disinfectant on surfaces, and wash the walls. If you start with a clean space that should motivate you to improve your organizing.

Sort through everything

Now you have a garage that is empty and clean. Time to sort through your things. According to TV shows about organizing you should use a three-pile method: keep, sell and toss. Set blankets out in your yard for each category and sort through your things until you’re happy with what you have. After you have completed this, you should have far fewer things in your keep pile than you started with. And for the toss pile, be kind to our planet. If it is reusable, please donate it before throwing it away. And if it is recyclable, separate that out from the trash as well. Here is a link to another blog I wrote regarding recycling.  It can be helpful.

Determine storage zones

While your garage is empty, take some time to plan out your storage zones. You will most likely want a space just for yard maintenance to keep your lawn mower, garden tools, and potting soil. Other common zones include sports equipment or tools for home improvement.

Install organizers

Finally, install organizing structures for your space. You might want to install cabinets and shelving, or you may want to use stand-alone stackable bins. Make sure everything is clearly labeled so you can find things quickly, and hopefully it will not become cluttered again. Honestly, I like clear storage containers because you can see inside.

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How to Minimize Effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Most desert dwellers welcome the cooler fall and winter temperatures, these few months that have fewer hours of daylight can cause some people to experience seasonal affective disorder. With SAD, people may experience long periods of sadness, energy loss, weight gain, and oversleeping, along with a loss of interest in activities they normally enjoy.

SAD, sometimes called seasonal depression, affects about 5 percent of the adult population.  The symptoms are triggered by less sunlight exposure, which lowers serotonin and vitamin D levels. If you are prone to SAD, here are a few things you can do around the home to help boost your mood.

Get the most out of the morning sun

Since we have shorter days, it’s important to get natural sunlight into the home early in the day, according to  Dak Kopec, an architectural psychologist, and UNLV professor. He said the hours between 7 and 9 a.m. are ideal for boosting serotonin and vitamin D levels.

So first thing in the morning is to open up the blinds, sunshades, or curtains early in the morning and allow natural light to flood the area as much as possible.

It is also a wonderful time of day to go outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. If you don’t want to leave your property, create outdoor spaces to enjoy while exposing you to natural light.

Kopec says, “The intensity of that full-spectrum light is lower in the winter months, so it’s very key for people to get outdoors. Look at those balconies or patios … it may be time to consider new outdoor furniture if it means you’re more likely to go outside in the morning.”

Paint to boost your spirits

Winter may also be a good time to add that accent wall in a bedroom or living area that you have been thinking about. Certain colors that exude warmth and comfort can work well on an accent wall.

Look to oranges and yellow for warmth and nature-based colors such as greens to use on accent walls.  For calming yet uplifting colors for the whole room, look at colors that feel tranquil, not too cold or too gray — colors like sage greens, sky blues and lavenders.

The basics of color theory highlight warmer colors like reds, oranges, and yellows as comforting and more energetic while cooler colors like blues, greens, and purples emit tranquility and calm. Color is personal and subjective, so learning what colors boost your mood will go a long way in providing basic foundations for color palettes to assist you with SAD.

Dr. Christopher Choi, the founder of Las Vegas-based Concierge Wellness Center, said research has found color can even help those losing cognitive function. Sometimes simple touches like switching black-and-white photos and art out for something brighter can work.

“The thinking is that you start to see things in black and white over time,” he said. “Experiences that stimulate the brain are like seeing bright colors, but we also need to actually see those bright colors to stimulate our senses more.”

If you are a renter and can’t paint, add colored pillows and linens to rooms.

Power down light intensity at night

One of the common confusion people have about indoor lighting during the winter months is that they think the home should still have strong blue light at night as well. However, after the sun goes down it’s actually time to shift to softer lighting, Kopec said.

“You really want to have a dimmer switch and want to make sure once you hit 7 p.m., you have a lower lighting level throughout the house,” he said. “If you don’t have switches, you can shift to a lower wattage bulb and make sure lamps have a good lampshade that diffuses light.”

Try a light box

In some cases, a home doesn’t allow for a lot of natural light during the day, purchasing a light box may be your answer. You can find some for between $30 and $50 online. There are also more sophisticated and expensive systems designed to mimic the exact light type for your location and time of day.

BrainLit is a brand that uses its BioCentric Lighting technology that does exactly that. Its lights generate what founder Tord Wingren calls “light recipes” that can adapt to geographic locations and times of day around the world to provide the right light needed at the right time to help combat the effects of SAD.

The adjustability of the light is key, Wingren said. “Our system gives you more bright light during the morning and during the day, and also … blue-free light during the late evening,” he said. “Research has clearly shown we can minimize the SAD effect with this light.”

Plan ahead

Above all, if you’re battling SAD, human contact is key. Making the effort to go out every day with the neighbors or with friends, especially during the morning hours, can help tremendously.  Also, planning ahead and preparing the home for guests is one way to head off SAD and also keep you enthusiastic about upcoming gatherings.

If you are prone to SAD, you want to start planning before you get the blues because once you start feeling that way, you may not want to do anything at all.

Try a couple of these ideas – they do work, and remember spring in Southern Nevada is just around the corner.

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Family Get-togethers in the Kitchen

Today’s families are so busy with soccer practice and PTA meetings to sleepovers at friends’ houses and work obligations, they are constantly off in different directions. However, despite all of these obstacles to togetherness, there’s one place where the family still congregates:  The Kitchen. Make your kitchen as inviting, comfortable, livable, and homey as possible.  The following shows a few ways to transform your kitchen from a space that’s not just about cooking, but also about connecting with family and friends

1. Create a Kids Zone in the Kitchen

This is a fact: Moms are often preparing meals in the kitchen while kids roam freely throughout the house. There might be times you want them under your watchful eye or simply crave their company – the simplest way to draw kids to the kitchen is to give them spaces of their own.

Adding stools to the side of the kitchen counter or island opposite your work zone is an easy yet effective way to create room for kids and teens to do homework, play, snack or just hang out. The best part is – When they’re not in use, stools can be tucked under the overhang for a tidy aesthetic.

Just make sure to include one thing all of today’s wired kids need: adequate outlets for laptops, iTouches, iPads, cell phones, and other must-have electronic devices.

2. Encourage Access

While the idea of being surrounded by your happy, busting brood is delightful in theory, in reality this scenario can quickly go south. Why? Because in addition to being loveable, kids are also demanding. Near-endless requests for everything from cups of milk to snacks from the fridge can make getting anything done a challenge. Unless you help them help themselves, that is.

Shallow base cabinets stocked with kid-friendly plates and glasses; refrigerator drawers loaded with healthy, appetizing after-school snacks; and a handy microwave drawer all mean dinner prep can continue without a hitch.

3. Fuse Style and Substance in the Kitchen

That all-white kitchen you’ve always fantasized about may have to wait until your kids head off to college. In the meantime, seek out materials that satisfy your style without sacrificing durability like quartz countertops.

Almost essentially maintenance-free, and are also resistant to just about everything — we’re talking stains, scratches, heat, acid, and impact. And because quartz is available in a huge range of colors and patterns, you’re sure to find a look you love.

Perennial homeowner favorite granite, meanwhile, merges a high-end look with equally high performance. Because let’s face it: Spills happen, and when they do — wouldn’t you prefer something that wipes up quickly and leaves no evidence behind like quartz?

The same concept applies to upholstery. In addition to the usual suspects like vinyl, cotton and microfiber, you can use outdoor and all-weather fabrics are not only available in a multitude of patterns and colors, but also offer extreme durability.

4. Make the Kitchen  Multi-Purpose

Today’s open living designs throws out conventional ideas about what should take place where. After all, life is dynamic and fluid, so why should your kitchen be closed in and stagnant? Rather than thinking of the kitchen solely as a place to eat, reframe it as all-purpose room. Comfortable furniture, inviting color fabrics and warm lighting add up to a softer space where people will tend to gather.

One final way to get bodies in the kitchen? Add a television. While this may not initially be your vision of the picture-perfect kitchen, consider this: the average mom spends 1,117 days of their lives in the kitchen over the course of her lifetime. That’s three whole years! When you think about it that way, why shouldn’t you have something to help you pass the time?

If the thought of having a television in your kitchen still makes you cringe, the latest breed of innovative television-camouflaging cabinets can give you a potential solution.

5. Organize and Optimize

Anyone who’s ever fought the losing battle of a clean kitchen versus constant influx of backpacks, permission slips, schoolbooks, jackets, tools, projects, and sports gear understands how quickly chaos can take place without proper organizational mechanisms in place. Taking control means integrating ample storage in the form of cubbies, hooks, and shelving so that there’s a place for everything aside from your floor and countertops.

One other organizational tool for today’s busy households is a Blackboard. Ideal for everything from jotting down reminders to sharing inspirational quotes to posting the evening’s menu, blackboards are the perfect combination of fun and functional. Plus, your kids will love adding their own creative touches.

Ultimately, while the kitchen is the heart of any home, the people who populate it are what keep it beating. Incorporating these five tips into your kitchen design supports its status as a vital space that can easily keep pace with the fast-paced rhythm of modern family living.

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