Pest control in Las Vegas – what to watch for and how to stop these “buggers”

The Las Vegas area is known for its magnificent desert sunsets, endless buffets and Elvis impersonators. We also have some pests who like it here thanks to hot summers, mild winters, seasonal rains and human settlements.

Mice /Rats

House mice, are the most commonly encountered rodents in the U.S.  They usually nest in dark areas like attics. They can cause serious damage by chewing through drywall and wires and are known to spread diseases like salmonella and tapeworms. I have even had them nest in my pool heater over the winter, destroying it. Tips for keeping mice/rats away:

 ■ Seal cracks and holes on the outside of your home with caulk and steel wool.

 ■ Keep areas clear and store boxes off the floor, since mice like to hide in clutter.

 ■ Regularly inspect your home for signs of mice, like droppings, gnaw marks or compromised food.  If you see a food container that has bite marks throw the food out immediately.  You might want to invest in plastic sealed containers for your pantry.

 ■ If you plan to use poison, please be responsible and use the poison containers that dogs and cats are too large to get into. We don’t want your fur babies (or someone else’s) to become a casualty.


Cockroaches prefer to live in small areas close to food and moisture, making homes the perfect habitat for them.  Commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, they can contaminate food sources and spread bacteria. Their allergens are also known to trigger and exacerbate asthma symptoms, especially in children. I’ve often said there are 3 kinds of homes in Las Vegas;

  1. Those that do have cockroaches
  2. Those that did have cockroaches
  3. Those that will have cockroaches

Tips for keeping cockroaches away.

 ■ Keep your counters and floors free of crumbs.

 ■ Vacuum your home frequently and dispose of garbage properly

 ■ Monitor your kitchen and bathroom areas, especially under appliances and sinks.

 ■ Have consistent visits from a pest control company.


Spiders like to spin webs in undisturbed places such as closets, attics and crawl spaces. They can bite and inject venom if disturbed, making them dangerous to humans. Tips for keeping spiders away:

 ■ Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from your home to reduce the chance of spiders finding a way inside.

 ■ Store clothing and shoes inside plastic containers.

 ■ Use gloves when disturbing things in the garage and around your home that have not been disturbed in a while, especially if you notice the presence of webs.

 ■ Seek medical attention if you suspect you have a spider bite.


There are also scorpions that like to visit our homes, so I suggest wearing shoes or slippers in the house and garage at all times to avoid being stung.

Tips for keeping scorpions away:

■ Don’t leave clothes bundled up on the floor, and if you do, shake them out and look inside before putting them on.

■ I know many of you love the look of a bed skirt, but I have literally watched a scorpion crawl up one, so I suggest shortening them, or ditching them all together.

■ They are found on the walls as often as they are floors. Did you know that black light illuminates scorpions? I keep a small blacklight flashlight in the house and check for them from time to time.

■ Lavender essential oils at door entrances can help keep them away as they really don’t like lavender.

■ Diatomaceous earth (which is essentially ground up seashells) spread at the door also wrecks them as it cuts them up when they try to walk through it.

If stung take two Benadryl tablets and go to the emergency room or urgent care to get a shot to ward off toxins. 


You don’t often hear about ticks in Las Vegas, however, they are here, and can be harmful to both humans and animals.

if you have standing water after a heavy rain or monsoon, quickly disperse the water to avoid attracting them. 

If you decide to hire a professional pest control company, contact me, Jeff Howard, your favorite real estate agent. I would be happy to make a couple of recommendations as always!

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The Timeless Appeal of White and Gray Tiles

Are you thinking about retiling your bathroom or kitchen?  And are you at a loss as to which color tile to choose? As a tile choice can often make or break a room, the dilemma is understandable.

What is on trend? One trend and color palette we have spotted repeatedly recently does seem pervasive: the colors white and gray.

These two colors might not surprise you or may seem a little bland, however, they offer wonderful advantages.  They both have timeless appeal and neutrality.  You can see this palate on kitchen countertops and backsplashes and in bathrooms as well.

The following are some suggestions on how to make a good selection for renovating these rooms.

Go in person to see slabs of material when it comes to backsplashes and countertops.  Many times you can visit a stone yard so you can make your own selection.

Be very aware of the background color and shades.  Not all whites and grays blend together.  When you place tiles next to each other make sure they match or blend.

You should consider using tiles for a large wall space – the tiles will make for an interesting focal point.

Consider mixing patterns – one pattern on the floor and another on the wall.

If you are thinking about using mosaic and glass tile be you’ll probably want use a professional installer.

Grout color is very important and a good amount of time overlooked by the consumer – you want a color that is custom to work with your tiles.

Rectangular tiles are very popular and have a more modern feeling than square tiles.

Use tile to introduce both texture and color into a space.

You should consider mixing tiles that are dissimilar, however, the same color palette which can add interest and depth.

If you feel your eye is not up to the task, an interior design consultation costs less than you might think. If you need a recommendation for an interior designer or installer, reach out to me, Jeff, your Realtor for life; I have a Rolodex of trusted sources (OK, it’s not an actual Rolodex these days, it’s more like a list on my computer)!

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COVID is abating and spring is here, Time to deep clean your home

Things are beginning to look like normal again. No mandatory masks and the kids are .  back in school. It’s time to really deep clean the house!

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us in our homes (and others out) for over two years, you can see clutter in every part of your abode and now that we are all getting out more, your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Also there must be a lot of dirt under your furniture.

Professional home cleaners state that they have been cleaning homes during the past two years for people that allow them to come in and clean.  Now it’s even busier now that people are comfortable having these professionals in their homes.

Whether you live in a large or small home your home should be professionally cleaned from time to time, since we get constant dust blowing and hard water buildup.  Many professional cleaner say heavy duty cleaning should be done once a month. However, if you pick up after yourself and family members and dust regularly plus clean up after dinner, having a professional company come every other month will make your life much easier. 

When you have the cleaning firms come that is the time for a deep clean, which entails everything from top to bottom and includes air vents, doors, baseboards, windows (tracks and sills) and cleaning inside all appliances and drawers.

Also you should have your carpets and rugs cleaned professionally twice a year.  The rug cleaners will move your furniture and you will be shocked to see the dirt build up even though you vacuum often.

This is also a good time to de-clutter too. Stuff has gathered over the past two years, and a good house cleaning can’t begin with piles of paper, clothes, and books on the floor, in the closet and elsewhere.  If the item you are looking at hasn’t been used in the last year or two – consider getting rid of it.  You can pack up these things and donate it to your favorite charity.

And since you’re moving furniture and clearing away items to really dust and clean them you might think about rearranging. The idea is to be creative while cleaning the home that will give it a fresh new look.

Need some references for carpet cleaners or professional cleaning service – No Problem just contact me, Jeff Vegas, your Realtor for life.  I can give you names of good, safe and reliable companies for these services.

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The Top 10 Money Mistakes People Make

At one time or another everyone makes a mistake- even when it comes to your finances. However, if you keep making the same missteps over and over again it will lead to bigger problems. Learning from these common money mistakes can help position you for a solid financial future.

  1. Spending more than you earn. A large segment of people in the United States live above their means; that can mean struggling financially throughout your life. Getting your budget under control isn’t only about creating a solid plan from which to launch your financial future. Having enough money left at the end of the month to add to savings or pay off your debts can lift a huge psychological weight.
    Correcting overspending is as simple as cutting back on nonessential expenses such as dining out, shopping or other entertainment. If you can learn to trim down mouthy purchases, you can likely free up some needed cash at the end of the month to put toward long-term financial goals. However, if you’re struggling  and have already cut out all the extra spending, it may be time to look into more far-reaching solutions. For example, you might be able to renegotiate certain services such as cable and internet, or reach out to your lenders about altering the terms of your monthly debt payments.
  2. Putting off financial planning until tomorrow. “I’ll get to it later” usually never happens.  Address your financial planning within the next two weeks.  If not, you may miss some financial planning opportunities or make things more difficult for yourself.
    Try setting aside time once a week or even once a month to check in on your finances and accomplish important goals.
  3. Failing to save for emergencies. This is a wake-up call – 60 percent of Americans don’t have enough money in their savings account to pay for an unexpected $1,000 expense. Millions of people are without a safety net, and even one accident could be devastating to their finances.
    The recommended amount so you have enough cash set aside to cover all of your family’s expenses for three to six months. A good rule of thumb is to save 10 percent of your net income. If that amount is impossible due to your monthly expenses, try starting with 5 percent and increase that amount by 1 percent each month until you’ve reached the 10 percent threshold.

  1. Postponing retirement saving until later in life. Many Millennial and Gen Z workers entered the job market more concerned with paying off their student loans than saving for retirement.  The retirement age of 65 -70 can seem like a long way off to someone in their early 20s, however, money saved early will grow into a much larger nest egg as the years pass.
    For example, if you have an IRA with a 6 percent annual return, and you start contributing $2,000 per year into that account at age 25, you’ll have a total value of $328,095 at age 65 from your $80,000 investment (40 x $2.000). If you wait just five years and start your $2,000 annual contribution at age 30, you’ll end up with only $236,242 from an investment of $70,000 (35 x $2,000). If you have the income available, it’s never too early to start saving.
  2. Taking a long time to pay off your high-interest debt. It’s hard to save when you’re in considerable debt — especially if you’re losing money every month to high-interest rates. If you have multiple debts that all need your attention, it’s difficult to know where to prioritize. But paying off debts with high-interest rates is often a great strategy that can save you money in the long run.
    Begin by paying off your debt with the highest interest rate, which will often be a credit card account. If you have the cash on hand, pay off everything that isn’t tax-deductible. For example, say you have $5,000 stashed away that’s earning only 1 percent interest. That money would be put to far better use to pay off your credit card debts.
  3. Always buying new cars without considering used options. Did you know that the minute you drive a new car off the lot, its value drops by as much as 25 percent?  If you need a new car, consider a used car. Buying used means the depreciation has already come out of the previous owner’s pocket – not yours. The loss of value in a car is far less from years three to six than from years one to three, which means you’ll get more of your money back when the time comes to sell the car.
  4. Not buying enough insurance coverage. Having the right insurance — including medical, automobile, homeowners, long-term care, life and disability — is key to good financial planning. While it can be difficult to figure out the kinds of insurance and the amount of coverage you may need, not having the right balance of insurance can be disastrous if you’re hit with an unexpected expense.
    Experts say to review your insurance coverage each year and determine which policies you may or may not need based on any major life events you’ve experienced. For example, if you’ve purchased a newer, more expensive car, it’s time to reevaluate your auto insurance. If you’ve recently gotten married or added a baby to your household, it may be time to take a look at your health insurance. If you’ve completed a major, value-adding home remodel, it’s probably a good idea to increase your homeowner’s insurance.
  5. Not monitoring your credit scores and credit reports. Credit scores can affect you in many ways – from borrowing money, to buying a home and even renting an apartment, it is very important to see a credit score similar to what a potential lender may see. You can easily check your credit profile with each of the three nationwide credit bureaus, and then work with your lenders to correct any problems or errors that you discover.
  6. Lacking an investment strategy, or not sticking to one. If you invest in stocks or mutual funds as part of your savings plan, it’s important to have a strategy for that money. A common misstep is spending too much time and effort trying to time the market, hunting for the “big payoff” or chasing the investment of the month (or week or day). Instead, you need to decide on a strategy and stick to your plan.
  7. Not having a will. Suppose the worst were to happen and you die tomorrow. Would your loved ones be provided for? If you pass away without a will, a court will determine who gets what based your state’s laws.
    However, when you prepare a will, you’re creating a legal document that clearly defines what you want to happen to your money and other assets after you’re gone. While no one likes to think about their own death, having a will in place not only makes your wishes known but also can reduce the stress of your surviving loved ones who are already facing a difficult time. An even better option, if you have some assets is a Trust. Trusts are more expensive and more complicated, but do a better job of transferring wealth when you do finally leave this earth.

There is a good chance you’ve made at least one of these mistakes throughout the process of managing your finances — and that’s okay. The key is to identify and understand financial missteps so that you can do your best to prevent them moving forward.

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How to plan your major home improvement projects this year

2022 the home improvement professional contractors will be busier than usual.  There are still supply chain issues and there are less skilled people willing to do the labor than in prior years.

The best move on your part is to plan ahead. Booking a contractor early will make the project go smoother, and gives you additional time for planning and design and more room for contractors to line up materials and labor. Here are two projects that you might be interested in doing.  They are both major focal points if and when you decide to sell your home, and give you a lot of joy by having done them

Winter: Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen area, in most homes this room is the heart of your home and it might be ready for a remodel. This is one of the most rewarding projects a homeowner can take on. The kitchen can be among the most costly and overwhelming rooms to remodel, so working with a reliable kitchen designer to express what you want and need in this space, plus a contractor early on is a good idea. This can be a huge advantage for you in the long term since it can have an excellent return on investment for your resale value.

In most families the kitchen is the home’s social center, so think about how you want it to interact with the rest of the home especially when you have friends or relatives over.   You might want to knock down a wall to have the open kitchen concept so you and your guests can mingle while you are putting the finishing touches on what you are serving.

National average: $13,000-$38,000

Early Spring: Adding an in-ground pool

The installation of an in-ground swimming pool definitely adds luxury far and above any other addition to your home. Pools offer many years of enjoyment, and an in-ground model will enhance your home’s value.

When you are hiring a swimming pool installer, research them and solicit multiple bids.  Plus if you have a friend that installed an in-ground pool and was happy with their pool professional you could contact that company.  A pool is a significant investment that will take several weeks to install, however, if you start in the early spring, you’ll be enjoying the water before summer. It’s worth it to take extra time to get the right professional.

National average: $36,000-$66,500

If you are planning to remodel or install you should be doing your planning and hiring of professionals now.  Please contact me – Jeff Vegas, your REALTOR for life.  I can give referrals to you for several professionals in any category when it comes to home improvement.  And when the projects are done you will be so happy to have done them.

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Flexible Spaces for Kids

Let’s face it when you are creating a unique space for your children it is usually a bigger job than you expect. This is especially true if you want to come up with something that will stand the test of time. Of course, the needs and wants of your children will change as they get bigger and older. If you don’t account for these changes, then sooner or later that “perfect” room you designed for your little one will be outdated and possibly even unwanted.

Is there anything that you can do other than completely redesign your kids’ rooms every few years?

Happily, the answer is yes. By taking into account the way that children’s needs change over time, you can come up with more flexible designs that can be easily adapted as your child’s interests shift. There will still be periodic changes that have to be made, of course, however, this type of plan will keep you from having to start from the ground up each time. The following suggestions are a few things to keep in mind to help you create some of these more flexible spaces for your kids.

Start Simple

When coming up with the initial design for your child’s bedroom or playroom, it’s a good idea to take something of a minimalist approach to your design. Try to figure out what the absolute essentials are, then see if there is an ageless way to approach them. Add color to the room, however, lean a bit more toward light or neutral shades instead of going with more extreme colors that your child may grow to dislike. An example is a girl’s room painted a bright pink.  At some point, she may say it’s too girly pink.

Invest in a few key furniture items that can be repurposed over time instead of buying specialty pieces that will only be used for a short while. Use colored rugs and other removable accents instead of going for changing the carpeting. Your goal is to create a simple space that has a lot of potential so that as your child’s interests change, you’ll have a base to move back toward and adapt the room from.

Child’s bedroom with butterfly wall and chandelier.

Customize the Little Things

Once you have a base design for your child’s room, it’s time to start customizing it to make it appear much more in line with their interests. This is where you can get creative and really try to match the room to your child. Lamps, posters, decorative items, and more can go a long way toward customizing the space while still being relatively easy to remove and replace if your child loses interest over time.

This is also a good time to consider painting furniture items such as desks and dressers. While this may not always be an option, most of the time it’s not that big of a deal to add a coat of paint to simple furniture items to help them better match the look of a room. By painting these accent pieces to match the overall layout of the room, you can make a notable change to the space that can be redone or updated in the future as needed.

Designing with Kids

As your children grow, sit down with them to get their input so that you can make additional changes that actually align with their interests. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and buy everything that your child wants, of course; use these chats to gauge how happy they are with their room, what sort of changes they might be interested in, and if there are any pieces of furniture or decorations that they seem to be outgrowing. The nature of their room is going to change over time, so make sure that they are a part of the conversation on how it needs to change.

It may also be a good idea to speak to an interior designer or decorator who has experience with creating functional and stylish children’s rooms.  Contact me- Jeff Vegas, your Realtor for Life,  I can suggest a designer that can help you make both you and your child happy.

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You have heard the name, however What is a Vessel Sink?

The bathroom is the most commonly overlooked area in the home when it comes to making fashionable changes. We all know that painting, adding accent decorations, and changing the various fixtures in the room will revamp its look. The one option that is overlooked and by the way probably the most stylish and noticeable is replacing your old boring sink with a vessel sink.

Vessel sinks aren’t right for every bathroom or every person’s more traditional sense of style. When they do work, they can really make a splash and give a focal point to the bathroom.  If you’re not sure exactly what a vessel sink is or how one would fit into your bathroom’s decoration, read on. I will cover the basics of these sinks, how they differ from more traditional sinks, and how to tell if one is right for your home.

The Ins and Outs of Vessel Sinks

The layout of the sinks in most bathrooms are pretty.  You have a basin is inserted into a countertop (and in many cases is an actual part of the countertop material), giving you a recessed area to wash your hands and do everything else that you need a sink for. They’re functional and more aesthetically pleasing than the metal sinks that are often seen in kitchens and utility areas. In other words the bathroom sink doesn’t do much to stand out.

Vessel sinks serve all the same purposes as a traditional basin sink, however have much more stylish flair to them. Instead of being a recessed sink built into the countertop, vessel sinks are a standing vessel or sculpted bowl that typically sits on top of the counter or only partially recessed into it. This creates a unique look for the sink that calls to mind a sense of nostalgia for more Victorian-era hardware. The faucet typically stands separate from the vessel and is either mounted to the counter or to the wall, adding to the overall look and highlighting the difference between vessel sinks and traditional basins.

Vessel Sink Installation

Compared to some other plumbing jobs, vessel sink installation can be a bit easier, however may also be easy to mess up if you aren’t careful. Provided that you aren’t installing a semi-recessed vessel sink, the main concerns for installing the sink are the installation of the faucet hardware and making sure that the drain hole in the countertop is the right size to line up with the vessel drain. Theoretically, one of these sinks can be installed by a single person who has a good idea of what they are doing.  In my opinion it would be worth your while to have a licensed plumber, that has installed vessel sinks to install yours. Need help finding a licensed plumber with vessel sink experience? – no worries just contact me, Jeff Vegas, Your Realtor for Life.

With that said, there are still a few things that need to be kept in mind during installation. The counter will need to be sufficiently large to accommodate the vessel and faucet, and made of a material that’s sufficiently protected against water, as vessel sinks are more prone to splashing than more traditional sinks. You will also need enough vertical height to accommodate the sink; even a modest vessel sink can add 6 inches or more to the height of the sink area, so you’ll need the necessary clearance for both that and the faucet hardware. Mounting and sealing the sink are also more important than with traditional sinks, as the last thing you want is for your vessel to leak around its drain and potentially weaken the countertop below it.

If you purchased a home with lower counter heights, this can be a great way to raise the sink to a more suitable height.

Are Vessel Sinks Right for You?

Vessel sinks can be very striking, giving a unique look to your bathroom that really catches the eye. They come in a range of different shapes and materials, letting you customize your sink to meet your personal design preferences. They also don’t necessarily require as large of a counter or support structure as more traditional sinks, so they can work well in some smaller bathrooms provided they’re properly mounted. Vertical space and splash considerations may create issues, however.

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Want to spruce up the look of your bathroom? Try a New Faucet

I spoke with a few friends and my immediate family members and one of the things that everyone agreed upon – bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house.  Unfortunately they tend to get a bit less attention than other rooms when it comes to how they look.

If you find yourself worrying that you have a less-than-beautiful bathroom, you’re in luck; the bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where a simple change can make a big difference in the overall look. In fact, something as simple as changing your faucet can have a major impact on how you and your guests view your bathroom.  Naturally , it’s important that you choose the right faucet. Remember your aim is to make a positive change to the look of your bathroom. If you’re not sure what sort of faucet to purchase that will make a positive impact on your bathroom, here are a couple of things to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

Faucet Style Considerations

Before going faucet shopping, take a few photos of the bathroom.  Pictures of towel racks, wall colors, and other features of your bathroom to help with your comparison of what style faucet will work with the already established look in this room.

The major thing to consider when choosing a new faucet for your bathroom is the style of the faucet. You might think that one faucet is pretty much the same as any other, however there are a wide range of styles to choose from.

When shopping for a new faucet, think about the color of the faucet, the finish, and even the shape that would work best in your bathroom. Many bathroom faucets are silver or chrome in color, but there are a wide range of metallic shades available and quite a few that offer splashes of other colors as well. Some faucets are taller than others, and some are very blocky and square while others are rounded and smooth..

Faucet Functionality

Functionality is often overlooked when shopping for a new faucet.  Many people just buy a faucet that functions the same as their previous one. There are several different functional options available in bathroom faucets, and they can impact the overall look of your bathroom as well. Some faucets have a single handle while others have separate handles for hot and cold water. Some have water-saving features, some are designed to mount through a single hole, and some mount to the wall or are otherwise specialized for standing vessel sinks. Each of these different types brings with it specific quirks of installation.

Some faucets may take functionality changes even further than this. You may consider touch-sensitive faucets that you can turn on and off with a tap of your hand, or faucets that have attached soap dispensers built directly into the sink counter. Other functional features may be available as well, and they will affect not only how you use the faucet but also how it looks as well.

Installing a New Faucet

Once you’ve picked out a faucet, installing it can be a decent DIY project for the weekend. In most cases, faucet installation is fairly straightforward; you remove the old faucet, put the new faucet in its place, then tighten the mounting hardware and reattach the water lines.

If you’re making significant changes to the style of faucet in your bathroom or adding new features like a built-in soap dispenser or handles that are separate from the main faucet body, there might be a bit more work involved.  You may need someone to drill a new hole in the counter or make other changes in the way that your faucet mounts to the sink. You also just may want to make sure that everything’s installed properly to avoid leaks. Don’t be afraid to call in a the right tradesman. Reach out to me, Jeff Howard, your Realtor for life.  I have a list of great people you can contact that will make sure the job is done right.

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Fall Landscaping

Here we are in September when the days are gradually getting shorter and the nights grow a little cooler.  This is a good time to start thinking about how you want to handle your fall landscaping.

Maybe you’ve never really put much thought into what your fall landscaping will look like; after all, many people see fall as a time to start prepping for winter and let the look of their landscaping kind of fall by the wayside until spring. Las Vegas does not have too many below freezing nights and with a little bit of TLC, though, you can transform your landscaping and create a striking contrast between spring and fall without having to break the bank or spend all your time working in the yard.

One easy way to do this is to add some new plants to your landscape as the season change approaches. There are a wide range of autumn-hardy plants in both flowering and ornamental varieties, so you should be able to find some options that you like regardless of your preferences.

Flowering Plants

While many people think of flowers as a big part of spring, there are a number of flowering plants that absolutely flourish during the autumn. Many of these flowering plants are available in a wide range of colors, and some are even perennial, so you’ll get to enjoy them year after year. Here are just a few of the fall flowers you might add to your landscaping:

  1. Autumn Crocus
  2. Blue Mist Shrub
  3. Shasta Daisy
  4. Aster
  5. Chrysanthemum

There may be other options that are available here locally in addition to this list above, so be sure to check with your local nurseries to see if they have any recommendations for autumn-blooming flowers.

Ornamental Plants

Flowers are always a welcome addition to landscaping, but there’s something to be said for colorful and hardy ornamental plants as well. Some of these do well throughout the fall and even into the chill of winter, making them favorites when it comes to building up landscaping that will survive colder nights and chilly winter winds. While this is far from an exhaustive list, here are a few ornamental plants that you might consider for your fall landscaping revamp:

  1. Chinese Lantern
  2. Cotoneaster
  3. Ornamental Kale
  4. Purple Fountain Grass
  5. Winterberry Holly

Many plants that work well as ornamental pieces in the fall will also produce beautiful flowers in the spring or early summer, making them staples of your landscaping year-round. In most cases they can be planted either directly in the soil or in containers for an additionally striking look. As with flowering plants, be sure to check to see if there are additional options that do well in Southern Nevada.

Landscaping Revamp

In addition to changing out the flowers in your yard, the fall can be a great time to make other changes to your landscaping as well. Everything from adding garden paths to installing outdoor lighting or planting and removing trees can be done as part of an autumn revamp to your overall landscaping. This can be done alongside floral and ornamental planting to get the most out of your autumn, and by starting in late summer or early fall you can be sure that everything is in good shape before freezing temperatures or other problems arrive.

If you think that a larger landscaping remodel sounds like a great idea alongside some fall planting, and you don’t care to do it yourself, you can just call me – Jeff Howard, your realtor for life, and I can recommend some landscapers to you.

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Artificial Grass Helps to Combat the Drought

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, in June, Governor Steve Sisolak signed into law a measure that would require nearly a third of all of Southern Nevada’s grass to be removed by the end of 2026. The Southern Nevada Water Authority has estimated the measure will save 10 percent of the area’s allocation of water from the Colorado River — about 30,000 acre-feet.  Click here for the link to the post

The law is in response to the drought and water shortage occurring throughout the Southwest and is driving more homeowners to consider artificial turf, which is much more eco-friendly than a natural lawn. Growing and caring for grass requires regular watering and fertilizing that can produce a negative impact on the environment. Installing artificial grass or desert landscaping can conserve water and reduce the carbon footprint.

If you don’t want to have desert landscaping, eco-friendly lawns may be the way to go.

Elizabeth Mullally, general manager at Las Vegas Artificial Lawns, said homeowners are making the change to artificial turf. “I’ve been doing this for 15 years and have never seen anything quite like it,” she said. “We have always been busy, but what is going on now is just unreal with what people are doing to their homes. Usually, I’m booked two weeks in advance. Right now, we’re booked through the end of August.

But it makes sense because this is a home improvement project where SNWA pays you to get rid of grass. You can keep your trees, flowers and bushes but convert the grass, which is a drain on water resources.”

The SNWA will rebate $3 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with desert landscaping up to the first 10,000 square feet converted per property, per year. Beyond the first 10,000 feet, the authority will provide a rebate of $1.50 per square foot. The maximum award for any property in a fiscal year is $500,000. Over the years, the Water Smart Landscapes rebate program has upgraded about 200 million square feet of lawn to water-efficient landscaping, saving billions of gallons of water.

Mullally stated,  “Some prefer a more manicured look like it was just mowed, while others want the yard to look lush like it needs to be mowed in the next couple of days.” 

“When we consult with a customer, we have in-depth conversations to determine which of our 12 products best fits their needs. You don’t need high traffic turf in the front yard, but it’s altogether different in the backyard.” Among the features of the artificial grass installed by Las Vegas Artificial Lawns is its fiber heat reduction technology that lowers surface temperature, evaporative cooling infills, soy-based BioCel coating that replaces petroleum components, antimicrobials infused in the backing to help mitigate pet odors, and nylon products that will not melt from reflective lighting off windows.

Do you have a need for commercial / industrial / retail buildings or land? Are you ready to buy or sell a home? Do you want 3 cash offers? We can help you with all of that… just call us at 702 SELL NOW or click on this link to my website

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