Grab your Kids and Take them to Fox Hill Park in Summerlin

Summerlin, the award winning master-planned community is home to the adventure play-themed Fox Hill Park that opened in December 2017. The park is incredible – perfect for keeping your kids active with many great features that they will want play on (and you will want to join in the fun).  They might even forget about video games.

The large park sits on 18-acres in the Paseos Village next to Vassiliadis Elementary School, 215 Antelope Ridge Drive. The following are some of the features:

  • 13 acres of park and grass fields for free play
  • 3 slides with soft landings
  • 2 “live wire” zip lines for kids 8 years and up
  • 30 foot climbing tower called The Orange Beast
  • Frisbee Golf Course
  •  20 play structures
  • Custom swings
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Several Gazebos *No bbq pits or electrical outlets in any of the gazebos

Fox Hill Park is colorful, vibrant and is designed to keep kids moving and thinking, with the structures fueling their imagination.  Plus the park looks and feels a bit like Disneyland, only better because it’s located here. “Fox Hill Park encourages physical activity which is good for both mind and body.  Kids today need more spaces and places to run, jump, climb, roll, skip and imagine, and Fox Hill Park is just the ticket.  Its super-charged fun packaged into a wonderful outdoor park that will be enjoyed equally by kids and adults” stated Julie Cleaver vice president of planning and design for Summerlin.

The park’s design incorporates the area’s elevated and sloping topography with planted turf on a select hillside that screams, ‘hey kids, roll down me!’ Fox Hill Park is the perfect amenity for the village’s many families who call it home as well as the rest of the families in the Summerlin area.

Summerlin offers over 250 parks of all sizes that contribute to its hallmark outdoor lifestyle.  All equipment at Fox Hill Park was carefully selected and placed and has been certified by ASTM, a global organization that establishes standards of performance in a variety of disciplines, industries and products, including playground equipment.   According to Cleaver, ensuring the safety and quality of the park’s many structures was paramount.  “While fun was our goal with Fox Hill Park, safety is always the top priority.”

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Pirates of Penzance will be at the Super Summer Theatre and I’m in it

Arrgh maties the Super Summer Theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch production of Pirates of Penzance opens in just over a week and I am a pirate!  We are working hard in rehearsals and having the best time – so come out and enjoy an evening under the stars watching this timeless play by the masterful team of Gilbert & Sullivan. Bonus: It’s about 10-15 degrees cooler there then in the valley.

This show is presented by the Sin City Opera with a few of its own twists and includes one of the best patter songs of all time, along with swoon-fully, catchy tunes in this funny and hopeful operatic farce featuring the least brutish pirates that ever lived. You’ll be hooked on this swashbuckling favorite about love, laughter, and loyalty. The approximate run time is 2 hours and 20 minutes with no intermission.  The show will be performed on three consecutive Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting Thursday September 6 with the last show on Saturday September 22 (the 8th is already sold out, so don’t wait to get your tickets).

Super Summer Theatre is located at Spring Mountain Ranch. This State Park is exactly 10 miles west of the 215/West Charleston intersection.  Bring your blanket, chairs and picnic dinner to enjoy this great operatic comedy. “The mission of SUPER SUMMER THEATRE is to promote the use of Nevada State Parks by providing quality, family-oriented, and reasonably priced outdoor cultural entertainment to the community including theatrical arts educational opportunities.”

All SST productions are performed by amateur actors which means no one gets paid for their performances, but don’t think for a minute that the shows lack talent (let’s face it in Las Vegas there is no shortage of people that love to perform).  Prices are very reasonable $15 per person for general admission plus a service fee of $2.50.

To learn more and buy your tickets visit

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Summerlin Scholarship Program to help High School Graduates

The master-plan community of Summerlin created The Summerlin Children’s Forum, a non-profit organization in 1997.  This program aids Summerlin high school seniors that are residents of Summerlin with college scholarships.

This year three scholarships were awarded to the following recipients: Caitlyn Somers, a Faith Lutheran grad heading to UCLA to study English, Lauren Epstein from Palo Verde High School and going to Arizona State University to study biomedical engineering and Zachary Marks from West Career and Technical Academy heading to University of Utah to study political science and international studies.

To date the Summerlin’s Children Forum has funded just under $640,000 in scholarships, enrichment grants and special educational programs since its inception in 1997.

Tom Warden, senior vice president of community and government relations for Summerlin, stated “These students are representative of the very best in their respective schools and in their community.  The scholarships are awarded to those who have achieved academically, while giving back to the community and school through a commitment to service and extracurricular activities.

Summerlin is one the most awarded master-planned communities in the United States and offers many newly built homes in almost 35 neighborhoods.  There are also many existing homes listed for sale throughout the entire community at prices from the $200,000s to over $1 million.

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Get the Most Out of your Outdoor Furniture by Cleaning it Properly

Well this summer has been hot and we still have a few more months of outdoor weather. You have been enjoying your outdoor furniture and want these pieces to last as long as possible – regular cleaning help the furniture last for years. Different types of finishes need different types of cleaning.

Wicker furniture is a bit tricky since there are lots of surfaces to clean. If something spills on the wicker wipe it up immediately. To do basic upkeep – clean using your vacuum – especially the small brush attachment to clean to remove the dust that can accumulate. If there is a stain on the wicker use a soft bristle brush and mild soap and then rinse with a low-pressure hose to clean. During the winter cover the furniture to protect from winter winds.

Wooden furniture needs extra attention. Spray with a wood cleaner and scrub with a soft brush every two weeks. Moisture is really not good for wood and can cause mildew. It is advised to apply wood oil on the wood surface and let it sit that way for several hours before wiping off. During the winter either store inside or invest in quality furniture covers.

Aluminum furniture is extremely durable and very versatile and doesn’t need much upkeep as it doesn’t rust. Wash aluminum with a low pressure hose to remove dust and debris. Use a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water and wipe up with a clean cloth. To avoid corrosion and pitting, it is advised to coat your aluminum pieces with automotive wax or baby oil.

Wrought-iron furniture needs regular cleaning with a mixture of mild soap and water and then hose it off and make sure it is completely dry to avoid rusting. If the paint is wearing away repaint the furniture with spray-on paint. If the wrought-iron gets rained on or has bird droppings wash it immediately and make sure it dries completely.

Fabric and plastic on the furniture is especially sensitive to the desert sun, causing fading, cracking and other types of deterioration. Many types of outdoor furniture have removable pads.

These types of pads that can be cleaned as often as needed during the season with soap and water and should be stored indoors for the winter. Be sure they have completely dried before putting them away to avoid mold and mildew. Plastic pieces should also be covered or stored in a shed or garage.

Have fun and enjoy your backyard and be happy you live in Las Vegas where you can use your backyard almost all year long.

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Home Appraisals are (usually) Necessary When Buying a Home

Whether you are buying or selling, if the buyer is not paying cash (and on occasion, even if they are) the home appraisal is a one of the most important steps in the process and could make or break a deal on either side. So what exactly is a home appraisal?

A home appraisal is an expert opinion of a home’s value and it assures the lender that their loan will be in line with the fair market value of the property. A home appraiser is a licensed professional who has completed the required training, apprenticeships, and exams to carefully and impartially provide opinions about the value of real property, according to the the world’s leading organization of professional real estate appraisers.

This means your appraiser is not going to give a low estimate because they didn’t like your furniture. But rather, according to the Appraisal Institute, appraisers put together a series of facts, statistics, and other information regarding specific properties – then analyze this data, and develop opinions of value. The appraisal report will include recent sales information for similar properties (comps), the current condition of the property, and the location of the property as to how the neighborhood impacts the property’s value.

In most cases the buyer will need to cover the cost of the appraisal. Both the buyer and the seller should meet with their agent and find out what comparable homes in the area have recently sold for, which will give clues as to how much the property will ultimately appraise for.

If an appraisal comes in lower than you feel it should, the seller’s agent can use his/her knowledge of the area to challenge the appraisal. Home prices in the Las Vegas valley have been increasing so quickly that the comps that sold six months ago don’t yet reflect this improvement. There may not be adequate comps in your area, so the appraiser might have referenced comps from a less desirable community.

You have the right to see a copy of the appraisal report. Look it over as carefully as you look over your credit card statement each month you might just find errors or omissions and if that is the case the appraisal can sometimes be corrected.

If the appraisal is not adjusted enough to get to the original contract price, and both parties still want the sale to go through, it could make sense to split the difference, with the seller dropping the price a bit and the buyer adding cash to the down payment. For example, if the difference between the sales price and the appraised value is $10,000, the seller could lower the price by $5,000 and get the buyer to bring another $5,000 to closing. This solution depends entirely on the relative willingness and financial positions

of the two parties. Of course, neither party is obligated to compromise and if a new agreement is not reached, the buyer and seller can part ways and (most real estate contracts contain a provision that states) the buyer will have their earnest money returned to them.

When an appraisal comes in low, don’t panic. Remember to stay calm, assess the situation, and let your agent walk you through the process. Often, there is a fair and equitable resolution for all. It just may take some extra time.

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Tips and Tricks to Saving for a Home

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a home, but you don’t have a down payment saved up. Owning a home has been the American dream since shortly after World War II when owners first eclipsed renters in this country. Many people would love to own a home however can’t figure out how to save money to make it a reality.

The following are some steps to help you figure out how to be able to save money for a down payment, so you can get you and your family into a home of your own.

Track Your Spending and Expenses – know what your monthly expenses are and how you spend your “extra money”. This is something you should be doing anyway. Use an app or online tool that tracks your spending and keeps a running total of the amounts you spend on specific items. There are tons of options – just do a search for “create personal budget”. It’s easier to track spending if you use a debit card for everything (not a credit card) and then using a check register to track those debits. This process is quite eye-opening, as it’s easy to be unaware of a how much you spend on frivolous purchases each month. You would be surprised how quickly the amount adds up. Finding out where your money goes is the first step in figuring out how to keep more of it in the bank. Do you go to a fancy coffee place every day? Imagine how your savings could increase if you just eliminated that… and there are almost certainly other things you often spend your money on that you could skip.

Create a Budget and Stick To It – Once you have looked at your spending, you will likely find spots where you can cut back or eliminate extras. This is very challenging and often isn’t a lot of fun. Just keep focusing on your end goal – getting the keys to your home. It’s important to work a few small yet rewarding “splurges” into your budget to keep your spirits up – remember that you are trying to save so keep those splurges in check – use a specific percentage of your income (I suggest 10%).

Be a Deal Hunter and Savvy Consumer – put your monthly bills under a microscope. There’s a good chance you are paying for services and features you don’t really need. Call your service providers, credit card companies and other businesses you pay every month and see if they can lower your rate or offer you a better deal – they often will.

Save for a Down Payment – savings accounts that are set up for a down payment should be considered untouchable. Don’t even think of dipping into this account unless you have a major emergency. Think of this account as being a one-way street: funds should go in, but never come out—at least, not until you are ready to write out that down payment check. Some banks will even allow you to make this transfer automatic on a schedule, like every 2 weeks when you get paid.

Look for Ways to Boost your Income – Your budget consists of two parts: money coming in, and money going out. See if there are opportunities to work extra hours. You may even want to consider a part-time job. Think about skills or talents that you could parlay into freelance income. Maybe you could be a Lyft driver or a vendor on or mow lawns or pet-sit or ??? Just so you know, lender’s get touchy about “cash” being deposited – it could be from some illegal source as far as they know. Lyft & Fiverr as well as any part-time job with an actual paycheck will have you covered there… working any job for cash, won’t. If you are going with any kind of cash earnings, check with your lender to see what they suggest for how to handle those deposits. If you need a great lender, reach out to me, I work with more than one that I feel are worthy of recommending.

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Selling Real Estate Without an Agent Will Likely Cost You Money

First, I realize this article may seem self-serving – after all, I earn a living helping people sell real estate, but I truly hate to see people lose tens of thousands of dollars, and statistics show that is what usually happens to FSBO’s. What does FSBO mean? For Sale By Owner — it’s the process of selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker or agent.

This way of selling your property is not the greatest idea in most cases (trust me – I was that guy many years before I got my real estate license). That is why you hire a real estate professional – their job is to know the local real estate market and put the most money in your pocket. Let’s face it, people pay more when a salesperson is involved. Think about it; when you have a garage sale, even if you are selling quality items, the buyers always expect a discount. And if the discount on the property you are selling turns out to be as much (or more) than the commission you would have paid, then you did all the work and still did not make more money. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like doing more and getting less.

Sellers who choose to sell their home on their own just may experience “seller’s regret” when they see how much less they get for their properties (or worse, not even realize how much they lost). FSBOs sell for an average of $60,000 to $90,000 less on the sale of their home than sellers who work with a real estate agent, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Here’s the breakdown:

* All agent-assisted homes: $250,000 (median selling price)

* All FSBO homes: $190,000

* FSBO homes when buyer knew seller: $160,300

With the knowledge of the numbers shown above – why would anyone want to sell their home on their own? Some sellers want to avoid paying a commission to an agent — but even factoring in a commission; researchers from the NAR researchers have stated “The closing price for the agent-assisted seller is likely going to be way above a FSBO. [And] in reality, homes sold by the owner make less money overall.”

Sorry (not sorry) for the Las Vegas based pun… but don’t gamble when selling your house; hire a professional.

This message is getting through to homeowners: Only 8 percent of home sellers in 2017—an all-time low—chose to sell their home themselves, according to NAR’s 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. This figure has been falling since 2004, when 14 percent of homeowners sold their own homes.

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Yuck…That’s Gross

We all have parts of our homes that we clean and clean and it seems that it is not clean enough. The following are some of the grossest parts of a home and how to clean them:

FLOORS – they are the most bacteria riddled parts of every home. Unless you and everyone that enters your home go shoeless this surface has to be cleaned the most. It would be wise not to follow the 5 second rule – just throw out the food item that fell.

Carpeting is the hardest to clean – germs go deep into the roots of the carpet. Have your carpets cleaned professionally once a year. Hard flooring like ceramic tiles, marble and wood should be cleaned with material appropriate disinfectant cleaners.

COUNTERTOPS – It seems we do almost everything on our countertops and they have lots of bacteria 24/7. The best way to keep bacteria at bay is to use disinfectants that kill the germs. If your countertops are old and you are considering replacing them – think about quartz or stainless steel – these surfaces are bacteria resistant.

SHOWERS AND TUBS – The accumulating moisture in both the spaces are a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Clean regularly with a disinfectant cleaner. If mold has spread you should consider a mold remediation service to come and remove mold professionally.

KITCHEN SINKS – Moisture and bits of food are a great mix for bacteria, E. coli and salmonella. You should clean the sink with soap and water and make sure you dry it at the end of each day. You can also pour hot water and bleach down the drain once a month, as well as cleaning the disposal with bleaches.

WASHING MACHINE – Your clothes leave germs in the washing machine every time you wash them. At least once a month run an empty wash with hot water and either bleach or vinegar to get the germs out and dry the inside of the washer.

REFRIGERATOR – Clean the shelves twice a month with a disinfectant and throw out anything past its expiration date.

OTHER GROSS THINGS THAT SHOULD BE REPLACED OR DISINFECTED OFTEN – We all have lots of “things” in our homes that we overlook when cleaning. Remember to clean door knobs and handles, cutting boards, area around stove, light switches, stove knobs and microwaves. Replace your sponges and dish rags often.

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