Wind in the Willows at the Las Vegas Little Theatre

The play Wind in the Willows was originally a novel by Kenneth Grahame and then adapted for the theater as a play by Caroline and James Moran.

The famous English gentleman, Mr. Toad of Toad Hall, sees his first motor car and promptly falls uncontrollably in love with motoring, so he buys a car which he then crashes. Another car is purchased, followed by another crash, and another—and another! For once at the throttle, Toad in his goggles and duster is a man possessed.

Eventually, he is instructed to stay off the road so he steals a car. He is caught and gets sent to jail for 20 years. While there, he learns that Weasels have taken over his old family home and all his friends have been thrown out. But the jailor’s daughter adores Toad for his charm and dash and she helps him escape. In an exciting climax, Toad, Ratty, Badger, and Mole retake Toad Hall by storm.

This fresh adaptation from Cambridge University features dress-up clothes; mischievous weasels; an epic baguette duel; the majesty of the British countryside reduced to stuffed animal road-kill; a jet pack, a chase scene puppet show, and undoubtedly the most glorious picnic ever staged.

So “hop” on board for the greatest story ever “toad”.

Play ” Wind In The Willow” pr May 13, 2003 Photography by Mark A. Philbrick

General Admission tickets $20 Adults, $10 Students under 18.

The Las Vegas Little Theatre is located at 3920 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103, and this production is on their “Black Box” stage presented by Alchemy Arts Academy

Call (702) 362-7996 or visit for tickets

Live performances:

Friday, March 24 & 31 @ 8pm

Saturday, March 25 & April 1 @ 2pm

Saturday, March 25 & April 1 @ 8pm

Sunday, March 26 & April 2 @ 2pm

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