How To Clean and Organize Your Garage

There is more than one use for a garage.  Most people use their garages for parking cars. Some use them for storage; however, it is time to clean and organize your garage when you cannot find what you need in stacks of boxes or all the old furniture stacked on top of each other. Now is the time to start over, cleaning and organizing your garage will be a big project, but when finished, entirely worth it.

Here are some tips to get started.

If it is on the ground move it

Before you can clean and organize you must get everything out of the space. Move everything off the floor into a staging area – the best place is your driveway.  To know what type of space you are working with is to know exactly what space you have, and the only way to know that is empty the garage.

Thoroughly clean

Next, totally clean the space. That means sweeping and mopping the floor, using a disinfectant on surfaces, and wash the walls. If you start with a clean space that should motivate you to improve your organizing.

Sort through everything

Now you have a garage that is empty and clean. Time to sort through your things. According to TV shows about organizing you should use a three-pile method: keep, sell and toss. Set blankets out in your yard for each category and sort through your things until you’re happy with what you have. After you have completed this, you should have far fewer things in your keep pile than you started with. And for the toss pile, be kind to our planet. If it is reusable, please donate it before throwing it away. And if it is recyclable, separate that out from the trash as well. Here is a link to another blog I wrote regarding recycling.  It can be helpful.

Determine storage zones

While your garage is empty, take some time to plan out your storage zones. You will most likely want a space just for yard maintenance to keep your lawn mower, garden tools, and potting soil. Other common zones include sports equipment or tools for home improvement.

Install organizers

Finally, install organizing structures for your space. You might want to install cabinets and shelving, or you may want to use stand-alone stackable bins. Make sure everything is clearly labeled so you can find things quickly, and hopefully it will not become cluttered again. Honestly, I like clear storage containers because you can see inside.

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