How to Make Your Small Space Festive

December, for many people, has fond childhood memories, and now that you have your own place, maybe you try to replicate that childhood experience or at least bring a little bit of the festivity into the smaller space that you live in now… but what if you live in a small place? 

Decorating for the holidays in a small space can be challenging, especially when working with a budget. How does anyone afford a Christmas tree—something that will die in three weeks—in this economy?

Finding ways to make a small space cheery and bright, especially with sustainability in mind, can be tricky—no matter if you’re decorating for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, Festivus or another December holiday. Here are a few things to keep in mind when holiday decorating in a small space.


To make a small space smell like a wood-burning fireplace and the aromas of food and chestnuts, etc. there are a few tips, including the simplest option of lighting a natural holiday candle. Not only do candles provide a warm ambiance, but they can also make your space smell festive, too—just try to burn sustainable and nontoxic candles to keep your home healthy.

Additionally, you can fragrance your space by creating a citrus garland. If you don’t have space for a tree, use evergreen trimmings, or a natural wreath from Trader Joe’s or your local grocer will smell wonderful as well. Another favorite trick is to diffuse holiday essential oils—like warm and spicy blends. Buy a little portable diffuser for moving around your home and filling each room with cheery scents. 


Whether it’s a Menorah, a Christmas tree, or a mantle decorated with your favorite trinkets, every holiday space needs a festive focal point, even the smallest ones. At the end of the season, be sure to check with your local municipal guidelines for disposing of a real tree.

You could also consider a small tabletop tree or another winter plant. Your festive focal point can truly be anything that brings you joy and makes your home feel warm and cozy.


Think about the meals you love most that remind you of your best holiday seasons. If it’s something your grandparent or parent made, ask them for their recipe and try to put your own spin on it. Food has a way of making any space feel just like home; it’s also a low-waste festive option as it’s consumable and can even be shared with neighbors or friends.


Twinkle lights have a way of cozying up any space and adding a bit of magic and warmth—no matter the holiday you’re celebrating. Consider hanging a few strands inside your window. Twinkle lights are also a wonderful way to boost your mood during what can sometimes be a difficult or lonely season. For a more sustainable option, try solar twinkle lights. 


Space doesn’t matter when it comes to tradition, so embrace the ones you loved from your younger years and create a few new ones.  This will make you and your family and friends feel the warmth and the spirit of the holiday season

Filling your home with people can be more of a challenge when living in a small space, give it a try! Just the act of doing it will probably fill you with fond memories.

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