Top Tips to Save Money When Moving

The good news is you are moving!  The bad news is you have to get organized and pack.  Also, moving can be an expensive ordeal. Costs can add up fast and cause stress when money gets tight. Start preparing early and before you begin, make a moving checklist that you can follow and adjust as needed while planning your move.

Learn to move more affordably with some of these budget-conscious guidelines, even if you are going a long distance.


This is hard however making it a family project will ease some of the pain. Or get close friends to help you sort through small and big items. Decide what to discard, donate, or sell. Garage sales, online apps, and social media are some avenues to merchandise your unwanted wares. Otherwise, you can arrange for pick up or take items to your township’s disposal system. You may also contact a charitable organization that can use your items.  Big tip – once you decide an item is for discard DO NOT take it out of the discard pile.

Use Household Items as Packing Materials

Why buy expensive bubble wrap when you can use everyday items around the house? Old newspapers, kitchen towels, socks, blankets, or suitcases can protect your fragile items without any cost (plus it’s more environmentally friendly). Save boxes by breaking them down and then retaping them when ready to pack for the move. Another tip – do not wait until the last minute to pack boxes.  Make sure you pack at least one a day so you are mostly packed by moving day.

Measure Furniture

Make sure you know the dimensions of large items before you move so that you know what you can carry with you and what you can’t take. That may save you money with a mover and any hassles of not being able to get a couch or other item through the front door of your new home.  This happens a lot – when I moved a large piece of furniture was able to come in the front door, however, it did not fit thru the opening to the room it was going into.  The movers had to take the room door off the hinges to get the furniture in the room.

Don’t Overspend

There is a tendency to want to spend money to decorate your new abode before settling in. Buy only the articles you need, so you have less to move. Once you get there, shop for cable and satellite provider deals.

Check on Tax Deductible Expenses and Reimbursement

Your moving expenses may be deductible if you’re in the military. If moving out of state for a job, ask your company if they will pay for moving costs or if they offer compensation for relocation, a good number of companies will pay for your move.

Avoid Moving During a Peak Season

Movers generally cost more and can get quickly booked up in the warmer months. It’s easier to schedule a mover during the off-season and during the week.

Pack a Necessities Box

Pack a box of commonly used items you need quickly or in an emergency to avoid buying them again in case you don’t have easy access to a packed-away box.

Consider Leaving Heavy Items Behind

Moving companies typically charge by the weight of an item, so that great weight set you own, might cost you more to move it than it is worth. Maybe you are better off if sell it (or give it away) here and then replace it when you get where you are going.

Reviews and Compare Costs of Movers

Ask for a fixed rate, so you are not charged per hour in case the duration of the move is lengthy. Understand how a mover charges and avoid extra fees if possible. Don’t hire overly cheap services lest you get what you pay for.

Buying a home and all the transactional costs that go along with it is a huge financial investment. If you can curtail your moving expenses, that will allow your wallet some relief. It may also allow you some wiggle room in your budget to invest in new furnishings for your new residence. In preparing for a move, always take the time to plan by lightening your load, being practical, and thinking economically without sacrificing the quality of your moving services. If your couch or mattresses are old do not take them with you these are heavy items and you will want to replace them anyway.

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