Home Renovation on a Budget — You Got This!

You walk into your home again and think ‘my home looks tired’.  If everything looks drab and in need of a bit of renovation, your home is overdue to be remodeled.  It has been on your wish list for a while; however, you are afraid of what the cost might be. You can still spruce up your home and improve its appearance and functionality without breaking the bank. The following are some budget-friendly ideas for renovating different rooms of your home.

Refurbish, Reupholster, and Refinish

Here are ideas to help you minimize the costs — whether you want to change cabinets, furniture, flooring, or curtains. Cabinets in fairly good condition, you can repaint, reface with a contemporary style, or add new doors (we just did this in my kitchen for much less than replacing them).  You can upgrade your furniture and curtains by trading out  the well-worn faded material on your couches and other upholstered pieces with a different texture and color. You can save additional money by using the same curtain rods and rings and finding fabric you can sew yourself. There are also peel-and-stick flooring options that you can apply over the existing surface, or buy a great throw rug to mostly cover the floor, for a lot less than replacing what is there now.

Renew Kitchen Surfaces and Appliances

The kitchen is usually, the messiest and grimiest area in your home. Periodically you will want to replace appliances and refresh the overall appearance. There are many materials available to fit your budget. For essentials like refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, look for packages to replace them inexpensively or discounts on multiple purchases. Or check the back aisle in your local Home Depot or Lowes for open box specials. You can also learn how to install an appliance to save an extra $100 to $500. If your oven is new or still in good condition, all you may need is to add a new backsplash (we’re doing that next). You may also want to consider new countertops since they are one of the most worked surfaces. Check on deals with your local store and tile companies.

Create More Open Space Without Increasing the Size

Increase efficiency without knocking out a wall to expand your home. Replace bulky cabinetry and large shelves with vertical cabinets with pull-out drawers wide enough to store racks for pantry items. Need a kitchen island to prep meals? You can use a simple stand-alone table and add wheels for easy moveability.

Declutter, Add Color, Style, and Lighting

Improve the livability of smaller rooms, such as your bathroom, by adding a storage closet, vanity, or medicine cabinet. Peel and stick wallpaper can save time and labor if you’re not ready to paint. Adding new hardware to give your room more of a modern flair, by updating knobs and drawer handles. Save on cost by finding recycled fixtures. Brighten a windowless room with a light tube that funnels in natural light. Add wainscoting trim to dull walls and ceilings to add texture and detail.

Simple, cost-effective renovation can give new life into your living space and bring you a renewed sense of accomplishment without financial hardship. From your biggest, most lived-in rooms to your tucked-away areas, there is always an affordable solution to get your home looking refreshed.

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