COVID is abating and spring is here, Time to deep clean your home

Things are beginning to look like normal again. No mandatory masks and the kids are .  back in school. It’s time to really deep clean the house!

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us in our homes (and others out) for over two years, you can see clutter in every part of your abode and now that we are all getting out more, your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Also there must be a lot of dirt under your furniture.

Professional home cleaners state that they have been cleaning homes during the past two years for people that allow them to come in and clean.  Now it’s even busier now that people are comfortable having these professionals in their homes.

Whether you live in a large or small home your home should be professionally cleaned from time to time, since we get constant dust blowing and hard water buildup.  Many professional cleaner say heavy duty cleaning should be done once a month. However, if you pick up after yourself and family members and dust regularly plus clean up after dinner, having a professional company come every other month will make your life much easier. 

When you have the cleaning firms come that is the time for a deep clean, which entails everything from top to bottom and includes air vents, doors, baseboards, windows (tracks and sills) and cleaning inside all appliances and drawers.

Also you should have your carpets and rugs cleaned professionally twice a year.  The rug cleaners will move your furniture and you will be shocked to see the dirt build up even though you vacuum often.

This is also a good time to de-clutter too. Stuff has gathered over the past two years, and a good house cleaning can’t begin with piles of paper, clothes, and books on the floor, in the closet and elsewhere.  If the item you are looking at hasn’t been used in the last year or two – consider getting rid of it.  You can pack up these things and donate it to your favorite charity.

And since you’re moving furniture and clearing away items to really dust and clean them you might think about rearranging. The idea is to be creative while cleaning the home that will give it a fresh new look.

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