Maintaining Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal

We all love our garbage disposal and we take it for granted that it will work every time we throw some bits of debris and turn it on.  That of course is how it should work if we maintain it correctly, however like any home appliance something can go wrong.

What not to put in the disposal – first of all don’t overload it.  If you have a lot to get rid of put some of it in to grind away.  When that is gotten rid of put another small amount of debris and repeat.  Also do not put banana peel, fruit pits, rinds of watermelon or any melon, all of these can form a clog and wrap around the blades causing the blades not to work.

Also stay away from stringy foods, rice, potatoes or beans – they can swell up with water causing a clog.  Don’t throw grease down the disposal either.  They can cause a film of on the blades making them less effective, plus cause an unpleasant odor.

Never put non-food items down the disposal, it cannot break down anything but foods.

A very good thing to do is to run your garbage disposal once a day even if there is very little in there.  This will keep debris from building up or corroding the interior of the appliance.  A very good thing to do is drop a few ice cubes down the disposal every so often – this will keep it clean and sharpen the blades.  Don’t forget to run water before, during and after running the disposal.  Do you know that lemon peel in the disposal will make it smell nice and kill germs?

Most garbage disposal units last around five to ten years and, if you don’t have a home warranty, replacing it is a good DIY project for the moderately skilled person with a bit of plumbing and electrical knowledge. Or, just call me, your Realtor for life, and I will recommend someone that can install it rather quickly for a fair price.

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