What Features Do Buyers Look For When Searching For a New Home?

As a Realtor I like to know what features buyers across a few generations list as being very important in their home search.

Among the top 10 were indoor/outdoor living, natural sunlight, renovated bedrooms and bathrooms, and energy-efficient features. Also high on the list were open floor plans, an area for a home office and hardwood floors or in the last few years the ceramic “wood” tile floors.  Another feature that has become popular is an area for a home gym.

Demand for outdoor living space has been the most popular feature in the southwest and most homebuilders in recent years have constructed homes with an indoor/ outdoor feature. They have glass panels that stack to open up the home to the outside.

In keeping with the outdoors, many homebuyers want fire features such as a fire pit so they can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

I would love to hear from you and hear what are the top features you want in your next home?

When consulting with me on your home search, we will be sure to prioritize what is important to you. This process will help us find homes that meet your needs more quickly and get you into the home you will love.

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Choose to have an amazing day….Jeff

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