Great decorating ideas for renters and homeowners alike….

Most of the time there are strict guidelines renters have to follow in order to get their security deposit back, so rental homes might not look like what the renter wants to express.

Well that might have been so at one time, however I have some great decorating tips that are “low impact” which means changes are easy to do and undo when renters leave without causing harm to the home.  And by the way for owners of homes that like to change things around often, you may want to pay attention as well.

The first thing you should know about is removable hooks (they stick to the wall with removable adhesive) – I’m sure you have seen them advertised on TV.  Then there are removable wallpapers, tile decals and easy to install light fixtures.

You can create your own artwork on a canvas and display it on your wall with removable hooks and not harm the walls or paint job.  Your own artwork makes the home your space and shows your personality.  You can also show off a collection of posters from your favorite concerts or favorite parts of the world you have traveled to.

For the more adventurous there is removable wallpaper – I know it sounds complicated however it is not and very doable for renters and homeowners alike.  Hygge & West is one of the sellers of removable wallpaper.  It’s a great way to bring pattern and color into a room and break up the white walls.

Do you have boring tile in your kitchen or bathroom? Well now you can perk that up with waterproof decals in all sorts of patterns and colors – go to  You can create an interesting backsplash or add something to a bland bathroom.  StickPretty also sells removable window film which adds privacy and a wow factor to your otherwise plain windows.

Also get fun and colorful area rugs – they can go with you to your next rental or when you purchase your first home.

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Choose to have an amazing day….Jeff

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